Instead of storing …

… a bazillion song embryos on my computer's drive.

The fun with sound tinkering

Music production has been a keen hobby of mine for a long time. Whether it’s been whistling a random song, creating a four channel 8-bit .mod on my Amiga 500 in the late eighties, or as I do nowadays, fire up Reason on my iMac just to play around – literally. Again, music and especially the creation of music has always been just a hobby, something to do when bored, or inspired, or just … something else. Since my focus of my various interests/hobbies tend to jump around from time to time, I can’t say that the creation process has resulted in a steady flow of completed songs.

Hopefully, this website will act as some sort of foundation for my small creations.

Me (plus son)

The title of my daytime job is Art Director/UX-designer, meaning I help clients with various design related products & services. At my occasional spare time I have the option to be creative in other areas, one being music production.

I have no formal training in the music area (apart from a couple of years in school playing the guitar), so everything is self taught through either trial and error or reading up on a specific manual/tutorial.

What I think sparked my interest in creating music was when I discovered Protracker on the Amiga 500 back in the late eighties, where I suddenly was able to add 8-bit samples in a four channel tracker and then have the combination of sounds played back in the shape of a song. Good times.

(Before the Amiga I had a Commodore 64 and actually tried to create music on that machine, but since I didn’t understand anything of the various composition applications that were available, I scrapped the idea of ever creating a song on that machine.)

Fast forward some ten years to when I got a *cough* borrowed copy of Cubase installed on my Mac. That DAW allowed me to use virtual instruments, and suddenly I had the (in theory anyway) ability to create whatever I wanted sound wise.

I remember a specific time when I imported a ripped .AIF of an old Commodore SID-song, and then slapped a beat-loop on top of it. I then realised that I could make my own versions of the C64 tunes I had listened to so many times back in time, and took my first steps in the creation/remixing world. Around the same time, a website was born that specifically collected C64-remixes of old SID-tunes, so I was happy to realise I wasn’t the only person doing remakes of old C64 game-/demo tunes.

Apart from remixing old 8-bit songs, I have also tried to create music of my own. As mentioned earlier, I have no formal training in music theory, composition and can’t read note so I have often felt limited in terms of knowing the basics of … a song? Creating a four bar loop with drums, bass, lead etc isn’t that hard in itself, but how the hell should you go about if you want to make the foundation for say, a pop song? I have heard terms like intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc, but what do they mean? Or rather, how to use them in a context that sounds good and work? I have yet to learn and understand this, and that’s one of the main purpose of this website – to strive to become a better creator.

By the way, my setup nowadays consist of an iMac, a Focusrite soundcard and Reason 11.