Instead of storing …

… a bazillion song embryos on my computer's drive …

"… let's put it on the interwebs".

Music production has been a keen hobby of mine for a long time. Whether it’s been whistling a random song, creating a four channel 8-bit .mod on my Amiga 500 in the late eighties, or as I do nowadays: fire up Reason on my Mac just to – literally – play around. Again, music and especially the creation of music has always been just a hobby, something to do when bored, or inspired, or just … something else. Since my focus of my various interests/hobbies tend to jump around from time to time, I can’t say that the creation process has resulted in a steady flow of completed songs.

Hopefully, this website will act as some sort of foundation for my small creations. And, if someone else randomly find one or two tracks enjoyable, that's just great.

– Markus Norsted / Wobbler

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