May Twenty-two

Ok, a loong time since the last post, and the reason behind this is the infamous Covid-19. In late March, my wife started to experience a strange pressure in her chest that didn’t want to go away. Yes, we were aware of the corona business in the world, but since my wife never had a cough, fever etc we managed our lives as usual, even went out training together (walking up and down the local downhill arena, which you really get a high pulse doing).

The next day, wife called the medic hotline for information, and they responded with sending an ambulance to our house to check my wife up. The experience of greeting a plastic-wrapped doctor wearing a gas mask was … surreal. But, after 15 minutes of examination the doctor said that “we can bring you in to the hospital, but you’ll probably get sent back home again straight away”. So we decided to stay home, awaiting any more symptoms.

The past weeks has included: pressure/pain in wife’s chest, fatigue, anxiousness and well, a total of four (4) visits of ambulance with doctors. She’s been brought in to the hospital twice for examination, but all vital values has been fine (saturation, pulse, blood pressure etc). Nevertheless, after more than eight weeks she’s still not improving in her health. Yes, compared to her status two months ago she’s in better shape, but she can’t take a normal walk down the block without feeling tired and exhausted.

We really can but hope that this chinese shitstorm will eventually fade away, and that we can get back to the life we used to live.

Oh, and the song? Well, nothing but a few hours of messing around with sampled things. And a few chords.